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who is lobita?

Lobita Blaze is a fire phenomenon with ten years of performance experience across five continents.

flow artist

Lobita spins double staff, rope dart, hoop, double hoop, buugeng, u-geng and flow wand.

ecstatic dancer


​Lobita finds her greatest joy in psysical movement. Twisting, writhing, spiraling and playing, she embodies the music, the moment and audience.

costume creatrix

​Lobita finds a vital creative outlet in the creation of spectacular costumes. Her primary style inspirations are pirate, gypsy, viking, steampunk, pre-apocolyptic and things that are shiney. Her primary materials are leather, wire, metal, and recycled sandles.



Lobita loves playing with the mind-body connection. Her daring fire stunts come from a place of deep peace and connection to the univeral flow.


Lobita is a seasoned professional entertainer. She tailors every show to the venue and audence, creating a world which will thrill and inspire from start to finish. 

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