​Lobita was born and raised in New York City as Madelaine Bukiet. She graduated from a prestigious math science high school and a stoner liberal arts college before she finally went to Burning Man and then ran away to the mountains of Patagoina. 
Burning Man unleashed the dance within, previously sufficated by the long years of education and accompanying societal expectations. Madelaine became Wolf and began making up for lost time, dancing at every possible opportunity. 
In South America, Lobita traveled to Bolivia where she learned the arts of macreme, wire twisting, street living and spin. In spinning, she discovered some basic truths about the form of the universe: a cosmic goddess, twirling the circle of time around her all-encompassing body, thus using motion to create the illusion of a perpetual spiral. 
Since these formative experiences, Madelaine has become an EMT, an herbalist and a certified midwife, finding the face of god to be most obvious in biology. 
Meanwhile, Lobita continues to swirl across the globe giving audiences everywhere a glimpse of the divine as it exists within us all. Lobita´s current projects include yoga teacher training, birth anthropology, a contact dance obsession and handstands.

She makes daily attemps to verbally communicate with the bacterial community which make up 50 percent of her body mass and her life´s goal is to learn every language in the world.